I tried Gabrielle Union's haircare line on my 3b/3c curls — it's cheaper than my usual product, but you could tell | The Sun

THE beautiful Gabrielle Union has dazzled on the big screen and now she's brought us a new line of haircare.

I gave her curly haircare line a shot in hopes of replacing my much more expensive routine with Gabrielle's goods.

I grew up as the only woman in my immediate family with super curly 3b/3c hair.

As a result, I didn't have much guidance on how to style my hair, especially since haircare diversity wasn't on the radar in the 90s and early aughts.

After many years of trial and error, I came across some salon-quality curly hair solutions.

Upon hearing that Gabrielle Union came out with her very own curly haircare line with affordable price tags, I knew I had to try it.

I've loved Gabrielle growing up and enjoyed watching her in cult classics like Bring it On and Two Can Play that Game.

Flawless by Gabrielle Union offers haircare solutions for curls and coils, from detangling sprays to curl creams.

I gave the detangling leave-in conditioner, defining curl cream, and the repairing deep conditioning masque a whirl.

At $9.99 for the curl cream, $9.99 for the detangling spray, and $3.99 for the conditioning masque — Flawless won't break the bank.

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I normally use Ouidad's $24 detangling spray, followed by the $26 curl cream, and seal the deal with the $26 climate control heat and humidity gel.

For hair repair, I swear by Adwoa Beauty's $26 boamint leave-in conditioner, which hydrates my curls and smells divine.

With Gabrielle's line being less than a third of the price of my usual routine, I was open to the switch.


First, I started off with the repairing deep conditioner masque. After shampooing, I coated my hair with it and wore a shower cap for 10 minutes.

My curls immediately felt refreshed and hydrated with the masque, which I appreciated.

After washing my hair and removing excess moisture with a satin wrap, I started with the Flawless detangling leave-in conditioner.

I felt the it did not detangle my hair as well as my go-to brand and I found myself using more of the spray than I normally would.

I was able to comb out my wet hair with a wide-tooth comb as usual.

Finally, I shaped my curls using the Flawless defining curl cream.

I finished up by diffusing my hair partially and letting it air dry the rest of the way as I usually do.


I wasn't a huge fan of the fragrance of the product, however it is a matter of personal preference.

I felt the scent was artificially citrusy and not my cup of tea.

Personally, my hair styling routine consists of using a detangling spray followed by a curl cream and sealed with a small amount of anti-humidity gel.

Gel helps me wear my style for longer and without it, I felt my day-three curls looked a bit sad and far from flawless.

I feel the line could use a gel for curly girls who prefer using one to keep their tresses in line for days.


Flawless by Gabrielle Union is certainly in an affordable price point.

However, I did not feel the products stood up to salon-quality products such as Adwoa Beauty, BounceCurl, and my personal favorite — Ouidad.

I felt I could tell I was using a cheaper product, which I didn't love.

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Of all the products I tried from Flawless, the $3.99 repairing deep conditioning masque is the clear winner.

If you have a wave pattern and want to try something new for summer without committing to an expensive product line, I'd recommend Flawless.

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