I tried on Kylie Swim bikinis and it did NOT go well – they were so thin and barely covered anything | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her try-on haul of Kylie Swim bikinis and it didn’t go well at all.

TikTok user What I Got uploaded a video showing Kylie Jenner’s range – and it was so thin and barely covered her boobs. 

Kylie Swim released its first collection last September and there are 12 pieces in the adult range, priced from $40 [£33] tops and bottoms, to $45 [£38] sarongs to $85 [£71] one-pieces. 

On her @whatigot_ account, the reviewer said she was initially impressed with the package when it arrived. 

Showing off the box, she said: “This is the packaging that it came in, I think it’s pretty cute. 

“It’s waste-free, which I’m happy about. Fairly waste-free correction.”

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The £67 yellow swimsuit she took out of the box was a disaster from the very start.

Holding it up, she said: “I got this out of the bag and it’s not feeling good so far.

“It is paper-thin, it is scratchy, it is see-through, not at all what my other swimwear pieces feel like, but let’s go ahead and try it on.

“This is the part of the video where I’m going to warn you, because the bathing suit does have a fairly intense cut, and in case you are in public and it makes you feel uncomfortable, this is your time to scroll away.

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“I’m going to go ahead and move back and cover my lady bits because if not I may give you a full show, and I’m not down for that.

“I’m wearing pasties as well, because if not that would be showing, so if you see anything peeking through, it is my pasties. 

“So let’s get started, it is paper-thin exactly how I had mentioned before.

“If I get water on me, it is a done deal.

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“I guess this is cute as a very nice top, but even as a top the fabric is not there, not $80 of fabric.

“Also sizing is completely off, do not go by her size chart on the site.

“I should definitely be wearing a size up because it is way too small and tight on me.

“I think it is such a shame, the back is very cute and cheeky, very nice cut and colour.

“Not at all $80 worth of a swimsuit.

“So Kylie please, please invest in better fabric, do better with the size charts and then I think you’ll have a fabulous swimwear line ahead of yourself.

“Good luck, I’d like my money back please, but I’m excited to see what the future holds for Kylie Swim.”

The TikToker added that she “loves luxury swimwear” and doesn’t “mind spending anywhere upwards from $80 and above if it means I’ll have quality swimwear.”

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She continued: “It is so worth it and often at times it is more eco conscious.”

Many people thanked her honest review, with one saying: “They look really cute but they too see through I wouldn’t buy.”

Another added: “That is not luxury swimwear.”

And she’s not the only person to criticise the fabric, with many fans savaging the line for its TINY sizing and shoddy quality.

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