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A COUPLE have revealed that they were fed up with working full-time jobs and splashing lots of money on renting and day care for their two children.

The American couple, Bo and Nicole, who post on TikTok under the username @roamwithbus, decided to invest in a dirty old school bus and convert it into a compact-yet-luxurious home on wheels instead, so they could save money on rent and spend more time together as a family.

The pair decided to do up the old bus by themselves and within a year, they’d transformed the single-storey vehicle into a modern haven for their family of four.

The bus houses all of life’s little luxuries from a spacious modern kitchen with a full-sized oven and fridge-freezer to comfy seating and clever storage – perfect for games of hide-and-seek.

They even hand-built bunk beds for their children, Cooper and Charley.

In one clip, the couple noted: “We didn't spend much time thinking about bus life before we actually jumped into it. 

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“We took one big deep breath and thought about what our heart truly desired.”

They explained: “In 2020, we felt stuck. We were both working full-time jobs, busy busting our butts to pay for housing, daycare and food.

“It took us only one week to decide to buy a bus and then another year to convert our bus into a home.

“It didn’t happen overnight, but we did it.

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“No longer working to pay for two kids in daycare, no longer desperately seeking family time together, no longer feeling stuck.” 

In another video, the couple opened up about the costs of their unique living situation.

The couple explained: “The number one question we have been asked about skoolie life is 'how much does it cost to convert a bus". 

“Here's the thing you should know – every bus build is different. 

“You can spend as much or as little time and money as you want. 

“The great thing about building a home from scratch is that the amount you invest is entirely up to you.”

Nicole then said: “One year ago we bought this big yellow school bus for $4,500 [£3,769] at a local salvage yard.

“We managed to convert it into our tiny home on wheels.” 

When it came to the couple’s costs, they spent $1,250 [£1,047] on outside material, $3,732 [£3,126] on lumber and counters, $8,106 [£6,790] on electricals and appliances, $1,342[£1,124] on plumbing and $2,125 [£1,780] on interior materials.

Whilst the grand total of $21,055 [£17,639] is a very large amount of money, the couple explained that “having a home on wheels is priceless.” 

Nicole later added: “Today, we’ve been living in our bus for a year and a half.

“We did all the build ourselves.

“We estimate that we spent about 2,400 hours converting this bus into our home.

“Now imagine if we included the labour costs…

“$21,055 [£17,639] didn’t seem like a lot of money when we spent the last three years renting a home for $22,500 [£18,849]a year, and that was without utilities.

“Now we own our home and it’s become our home and adventure, all in one.” 

Social media users were left very impressed with the couple’s school bus transformation and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “That’s a really smart move because they can live like that for a couple of years, save cash and buy their own house later on instead of paying a lot of rent.” 

Another added: “Beyond worth it… I wish I did have the capital to get a true mobile home.” 

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A third commented: “Definitely worth it.” 

Whilst someone else simply noted: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS.”

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