I was lunchbox-shamed at my son’s nursery for giving him a healthy snack – they even sent a note about it | The Sun

A MUM was furious after she was shamed for the healthy snack she packed in her son's lunchbox.

Her toddler was banned for eating the grub because it was deemed to be 'unsuitable'.

The mum, called Iman, explained in a Facebook group that she knew her son's nursery had certain rules about what the kids could bring in their lunchboxes – but the snack bar she packed didn't break any of them.

She added a pack of two chocolate chip cookies which were gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and even contained no eggs, soy or dairy.

But her three-year-old still wasn't allowed to enjoy the cookies, even though Iman was sure they were healthy and didn't break the strict rules.

Iman later got a message from her tot's teacher chastising her choice of lunch snack.


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The note read: "This is a kind reminder that chocolate, candies, nuts, peanut butter, zaatar, and boiled eggs are not allowed. Our food policy is for the safety of the kids.

"Please note that non-healthy food options are not permitted at school and not allowed to be eaten if brought.

"Also, we recommend limiting sugary drinks. Therefore we don't recommend sending boxed juices or flavoured milk – our first choice is water and milk."

Iman shared a screenshot of the message along with a picture of the snack which was deemed too unhealthy to bring to nursery, despite the snack being from a brand called 'Freakin' Healthy Kids'.

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Fellow parents were shocked that her tot wasn't allowed to enjoy the snack, since it wasn't a typical 'unhealthy' cookie.

One commented: "I understand the allergy concern request but no way would I be okay with a school telling me what they think is healthy or not.

"I'd be talking to whoever I had to if teachers didn't let my child eat something I packed for them if it's not an allergy related concern."

But not everyone agreed and thought the snack wasn't very healthy anyway, one mum said: "Why would you want your child eating sugar or chocolate for a snack though?

"The school is right, it should only be water or milk."

And one teacher chimed in: "As an educator myself, it is hard to justify to 30 other children why this healthy chocolate cookie is allowed and theirs isn't – so I can understand why he wasn't allowed to eat it."

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