I was trolled for my wonky, yellow teeth so I got a set of veneers – now I look like a new woman | The Sun

SHE used to be trolled for her uneven, yellow teeth.

But now Chelsie feels like a new woman, after getting her smile transformed with veneers.

She took to TikTok to share a video of her incredible makeover, showing how she looked both before and after the transformation.

"Transformation queen," she captioned the clip.

"New teeth who is this !!!!"

Chelsie also shared a video of her journey to getting the new look, which began with clip-in veneers and ended with a permanent new smile.

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"Yessssss you look sooo happy I love it," one person commented on the video.

With Chelsie replying: "Thank you I am over the moon."

"Honestly congratulations," another added.

"You were beautiful before. But boy are those pretty. Just stunning."

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"I’m literally crying!! Where are all those haters at now?!" someone else wrote.

"You were beautiful before, now you have the confidence to match!"

"You right!!! Thank you girl," Chelsie replied.

"Don’t let people get to you i have a gum disease that made mine rot," another commented.

"I’ve had my new ones a little over a year now."

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