I work at Tesco and it’s much better than people think – we have a pool table, darts board and get free food all day

A TESCO worker shared a snap shot of life in their staff room including a pool table, darts board and free bowls of fruit to snack on.

TikToker Sarah Vaughan gave the online tour of the rec room for her 105k followers.

She showed off various different elements of the space that she joked "just make sense".

These included a pool table, a dart board (although she did say that it had broken darts) and "random fruit bowls".

She also showed a large flatscreen TV that was sat on a chair as it "doesn't fit the bracket".

Also in the kitchen space was a George Foreman grill for staff to use at lunch and a hole in the worktop that led to a bin.

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Fellow TikTokers were impressed with the space.

One person said: "Actually looks like they care about staff wellbeing to be fair, my old jobs break room had a table and a microwave."

Another said: "If Asda had a pool table I’d be an extremely happy man."

A third said: "Thought only my Tesco had a pool table!"

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Another person agreed: "Wow when I worked in Asda we had none of that."

And another said: "Morrisons has not even got painted walls."

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