I wouldn’t be caught dead in Primark & Michael Kors is for those wishing to be rich, my designer wardrobe is over £1M

HORDES of young women can’t wait for Primark to throw open its doors once lockdown eases, but Saffron Drewitt-Barlow is most definitely not among them.

She’s branded the budget retailer one of several “sh*t shops” she’d never dream of splashing her, considerable, cash in.

The 21-year-old daughter of Britain’s first gay dads, ex-couple and multi-millionaires Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow, thinks nothing of buying up $50,000 trainers, Chanel dresses or Louis Vuitton bags on a whim.

Worn just once, they sit in one of her several multi-million pound wardrobes, with anything that doesn’t fit given to a mate because who can be bothered with returns?

It’s all part of Saffron’s Absolutely Fabulous life, which she’s detailing in her new Fabulous column. She’s already touched on the unusual family dynamic which sees her living with her dads AND their new partners (with Barrie, 50, now dating her ex Scott, 27) and her surgery plans.

This week it’s all about fashion… and prepare to be very, very jealous.

“Those sh*t shops, like Forever 21 and Primark, I’d never shop in.

Primark clothes are just so gross, they don’t know how to make them. I wouldn’t mind if they had nice pieces but they don’t.

I’ve been once with my cousins and it just wasn’t for me, it’s all horrible.

The only thing I’d maybe get is a pair of their hoop earrings for a quid or whatever for a night out if I didn’t want to wear my nice stuff, but otherwise no way.

I hate Michael Kors too, I don’t like the look of his things or the pattern.

Also it’s the people who wear his stuff. They think getting a Michael Kors bag means they’re the richest people in the world and have all this money.

Actually anyone could buy a Michael Kors bag, it’s not exclusive at all. It’s cheap, I hate it.

Dad [Barrie] gave me a hat and glove set from there and I haven’t even opened it. It’s been sat on the side since Christmas Day.

I used to go shopping really often but now I like to stick to it on a weekend – it can get boring, so it’s something to look forward to.

On a typical shopping day I’ll wake up, get ready and go to the mall – but sometimes that means flying to Los Angeles or coming to Miami because where we live in Tampa, Florida, doesn’t have the most amazing shops.

I like ones which stock Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel.

I shop online too and it’s not all high end, I’m into Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, places like that. They’re cheap but good quality and you can’t go wrong wearing that and matching it with a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and a nice bag.

I mean obviously I’d never buy a bag or shoes from there, but the clothes are quite nice sometimes.

I treat clothes like they’re disposable really, wear them one or two times then either chuck them or bung them in the wardrobe.

I don’t like wearing things again because what’s the point? Everyone’s already seen you in it.

Shoes and bags are my main loves, I’ve probably got about 100 pairs of shoes.

I collect [Nike] Jordan’s too – they’re my real favourite. I especially like the old ones, but they can be expensive. I’ve paid $50,000 for a pair of Jordan’s before, I’ve never worn them because it’s not about that.

Louis Vuitton bags are great, but I’ve got loads of Prada and Chanel ones too.

If you’re just taking shoes, bags and clothes my wardrobe is worth well over a million pounds.

Include jewellery and I really have no idea, I’d need to get it all re-valued, but it would probably be another couple of million.

When I was younger I paid for it with my allowance, which was $5,000 a week, plus I had a credit card which my dads clear for me. There’s no real limit on that, sometimes dad [Barrie] threatens to block it just to see my face when I go to pay for something but I know he never would.

I mainly buy my own things now though, as I’ve got my beauty line Barking Mad Cosmetics which my dads invested £1million to help me set up. Plus a couple of weeks ago dad [Tony] gave me $15million after he had a business windfall.


Millions will recall pictures of Barrie and Tony cradling week-old twins Saffron and Aspen — born to a surrogate in California in 1999 — as they revealed themselves as the UK’s first gay dads and the first same-sex couple to be named on a birth certificate as parents.

The former couple, now worth £40million from their ventures including a trans-Atlantic surrogacy business and a global medical research company, became civil partners in 2006, then wed as soon as it became legal in the UK in 2014.

Saffron and her brother Aspen were conceived using the donor eggs of one woman, Tracie McCune, and carried in the womb of surrogate Rosalind Bellamy.

Manchester-born Barrie is the biological father of one, and Tony is the dad of the other — so they are actually half-siblings born at the same time.

Aspen, though, does have an identical twin — Orlando, 17. This is because the embryo from which Aspen was born split in two in the lab.

The other half was put on ice for four years before being carried for Barrie and Tony in the womb of a Japanese woman called Donna.

Barrie and Tony also have a second set of twins, Dallas and Jasper, born 11 years ago after Donna acted as surrogate again.

This time the eggs were from a Brazilian model, who Barrie spotted on a catwalk and paid £35,000.

They have now split, with Barrie dating Saffron’s ex Scott, 27. They  have four-month-old daughter Valentina together.

Barrie and Tony, who also has a new partner, remain amicable and the self-confessed “happy blended family’ all live together in their mansion in Tampa, Florida.

Some of my favourite buys are a $15,000 Louis Vuitton jumper, a customised Rolex watch which was £35,000, my £3,500 Hermes belt and my Louis Vuitton toiletries bag which was £8,450.

I have a walk-in wardrobe, but I like to keep things at all our houses in Tampa, Miami and England.

Pre Covid I split my time between the US and England basically 50/50, so it made sense to have full wardrobes everywhere. Then I just need to fly with a couple of cases.

I do buy a lot of stuff I wish I hadn’t, in basically every online order there’s something I don’t like the look of.

It happens to everyone when you order online, it looks different to what you’re expecting. But it’s a lot of effort and hard work to send it back so I just give it to my cousins or the maid or something.

I do keep all my designer stuff I like though, but I still only wear it once or maybe twice. I don’t want people seeing me in the same things over and over, what’s the point when you can be in something fresh?”

Saffron has previously shared how her ex dates her dad & brags about their sex life.

And she’s also opened up on her $100,000 body.


  • Customised Rolex watch – £39,000
  • Prada dress – £2,000
  • Wallis Simpson ring – £400,000
  • Harry Winston ring – £150,000
  • Louboutin shoes – £2,000
  • Louis Vuitton briefcase – £8,500
  • Louis Vuitton toiletry box – £8,450
  • Burberry scarf – £350
  • Black Glint evening shoes – £2,500
  • Red Hermes belt – £3,500
  • Vintage Jordan’s – $50,000
  • Louis Vuitton jumper – $15,000

Previously, Saffron revealed she has spent $100k on surgery after trolls said she had flat boobs, now her dad wants her to get more.

Saffron previously revealed her dads spend £200k on Christmas gifts – including a Bentley.

And  Barrie and Scott celebrated their daughter's birth with £50,000 of baby clothes and are already planning on twins.

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