I’m 17 stone and have made £5,000 by stripping off to reveal my feminine curves – and no I don’t wax my bikini line because I can't see it over my big stomach

She'll make £15 in the next hour – and all she has to do is keep her naked body still.

Plus-size models Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are no longer the only women who love to proudly strip off and flaunt their curves.

Five years ago, Leicester-based life model Emma Donaldson stripped off for budding art students and since then she has earned thousands modelling in the nude.

"People might think what I do must be sexual and a massive turn on – but nothing could be further from the truth," she tells us.

"Posing in the buff for art students is not a sensual experience. Hand on heart I have never felt randy or horny.”

Teaching assistant Emma doesn’t even bother to wax or shave her private parts claiming artists prefer life models' bodies to be natural – and admits she can't actually see her own vagina, so what's the point?

Here, she tells Sun Online how she has made £5,000 working part time as a life model.

'I realised I could make some money from my big boobs and wobbly tummy'

Emma, who is single, tells us: "I was watching an episode of the BBC series Miranda when I first got the idea about life modelling.

"In it, the main character ends up going into a class and gets mistaken for the life model. It was the first time I realised that artists want and need to draw larger naked women.

"It dawned on me that I could make some money out of my big boobs, wobbly tummy and large bum!"

She first stripped off for her local Leicester art club in their village hall in 2014.

“I was very nervous,” remembers Emma. “The teachers asked me if I wanted to keep my clothes on.

"Even though I was a bag of nerves I said absolutely not.

"It was weird getting my kit off the first time but, as bizarre as it sounds, within minutes I was fine being naked in front of strangers.”

'Should I tidy up my lady garden?'

The only thing Emma was worried about was whether she should get rid of her body hair.

"I'm very hot on hygiene and shower every day – but I wasn’t sure if I should shave my legs or tidy up my lady garden.

"I might not be a glamour model – but you hear so much about Hollywood waxes and shiny hairless limbs being the norm.

"Instead I gave myself a good talking to. For the last decade I've not bothered with waxes or shaving any part of my body – it seemed bonkers to start now.

"The feedback I get is that artists prefer my pubes to be as fluffy and glorious as nature intended!

"Besides I’m the first to admit that I actually can’t see my vagina. My tummy gets in the way. What would the point be in stressing out about regularly waxing or shaving?"

'Blokes I've dated have raised an eyebrow'

Emma picks and chooses when she models. She accepts work in her spare time during evenings and at the weekends.

Emma views the cash she earns as just another income stream.

"I own my home – it’s just the cats and me. I live comfortably and don’t need to support anyone else. I’m not someone who flashes the cash.”

And for the naysayers who reckon women like Emma shouldn’t be modelling – she has the last laugh.

"I earn £15 an hour for making the best of my body. I've earned thousands and thousands of pounds over the last five years. Yet it’s not about the money – it’s about helping people become better at drawing the human body."

Emma has never married and doesn’t have kids, but says her family and friends are supportive of her work.

“As you would expect my family are very liberal. They’re happy to see me working in the creative arts. Blokes I've dated have raised an eyebrow – but I'd show them the door if they tried to dictate what I do with my body.”

'Now I do stag dos'

Today not only does Emma get to choose who she models for – she has recently branched out as a life model for stag dos.

"I was a bit worried at first. I stressed about it to my agent, asking if they realised I am fat and middle-aged.

"But she told me to calm down, saying: 'Emma you are a life model – not a stripper!'

"Every stag do I have posed for has been great fun. The groom, the best man, the ushers are always very civilised.

"I’m not sure if the bride is aware of what they're up to but there is nothing to worry about. She can rest easy. I’m just another weekend activity for the stag and his mates.

"I am surprised at how polite posh boys can be!"

'I can't wait to get my kit off'

Emma says people of all ages attend her life-drawing classes.

"Some people are very good at capturing my likeness but the abstract ones can be hilarious."

Emma says the urge to drop her clothes had never even occurred to her before she entered her 40s.

"I have zero hang ups about my body. It works, it does what it is supposed to do and gets me where I need to go. But I was never one of those women who'd go topless on the beach."

Emma reckons that since she started to model in the buff it has changed her outlook on her life and her body.

"Nowadays I'll even sunbathe naked. It never embarrasses me.

"I can't wait to get my kit off in the summer sun. Working as a model has taught me that there is nothing wrong with how I look without any clothes on.

"As a society we women are far too hung up on our bodies, boobs and bums. I'd recommend all women spend time daily without any clothes on – it's very liberating. After all we’re all born naked!"

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