I’m 19 & paint reborn dolls that sell for £20k a go, people always think they're real babies & I give them photoshoots

A TEEN has revealed how she paints reborn dolls that can sell for £20,000 – and people think they are real babies. 

TikTok user @ellsearth said she started painting the very life-like dolls when she was 16 in 2019 and she now sells them on Instagram. 

Part of her work includes finding realistic hair, painting the skin to look like a real human baby, and picking eye colours. 

And the doll creator revealed that it is actually very lucrative, as some vinyl reborn dolls can sell for up to £1,000. 

Meanwhile, silicone ones are even pricier, and can cost between £1,000 and £20,000.

She wrote: “Prices depend on each artist’s skill level/talent/popularity.”

In order to show off her process, @ellsearth revealed what the fake babies look like before she paints their skin. 

Her blank silicone doll was slightly yellow/grey in colour and the TikToker said she would work on her in coming months.

Some people asked what her friends and family think about her huge passion for life-like dolls.

She replied: “Dolls have always been a part of my childhood so my family has always been used to them.

“When I thought about starting as an artist at 16 my parents helped and bought me all the things I needed to start.

“I’m so grateful everyone has been extremely supporting of my job/career.”

Many people praised her work, with one writing: “You are so talented.”

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