I’m 37 & trolled for not ‘dressing my age’ – haters call me ‘grandma’ but if they don’t like it, they don’t have to look | The Sun

A SASSILY-DRESSED 37-year-old has been told she pulls her look off just fine, despite what the nasty trolls say.

These self-appointed fashion police officers are not going to change this woman's wardrobe choices one bit.

Kristen Lynn (@itskristenlynn) loves dressing up, with cosplay – the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game – being one of her biggest passions.

But keyboard warriors have taken issue with her daytime wear.

In a post to her TikTok, she shared some of the jibes she's had to endure.

Dressed in a claret red off-the-shoulder dress, she captioned her post with some of the words trolls have thrown at her: “You are 37. Stop dressing like you’re hot. You got a mom body you’re too old and you are a solid 2.”

Kristen smiled broadly throughout, not remotely thwarted by their words.

In another post, she wore an all-black outfit comprising thigh-length boots, a short leather skirt, and a clinging top.

It was captioned: “You shouldn’t wear that. Have some respect for yourself and dress your age, grandma.”

Fortunately, Kristen remained undiminished by the jibe.

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Her followers were steadfast in their support of her.

“A younger woman couldn’t pull that off," said this fan.

Another said: “Keep it up. You have us fans. You look amazing.”

“You are a gorgeous lady. Ignore the haters," were the supportive words of this viewer.

Finally, more affirmations should she need any more: “You look amazing in red. Your hair and eyes draw me right in. Don’t stop.”

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