I’m 39 weeks pregnant, people can't tell from the front, I get chatted up in bars but they're stunned when I turn around | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE has astonished viewers with her slim figure while being 39 weeks pregnant.

Just weeks before her baby's arrival date, Liana Jade, from the UK, shared how her pregnancy bump deceives everyone.

Posting to her TikTok account, Liana revealed that people often don't think she is pregnant from the front.

But their reaction instantly changes when she shows herself from the side.

And there's one place in particular where it happens.

"When you're getting hit on at the bar," Liana wrote.

Liana revealed herself from the front, and to anyone who doesn't know her, she definitely doesn't look pregnant.

But then she turns to the side where her bump instantly becomes visible, and she captioned the post 'best party trick ever.'

The video has since gone viral with over two million views and over 400k likes.

And many people agreed they couldn't see she was pregnant at first, one wrote: "Omg I knew you were pregnant but I didn’t even see your bump."

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"That came out of nowhere," another exclaimed.

However, plenty of others were more concerned with the fact Liana was in a bar while pregnant.

"What are you doing at a bar," asked one person.

Another said: "excuse me a BAR."

"But why are you in a bar," penned a third.

But plenty of people defended Liana, "Not people questioning why you're at a bar I mean ever heard of a nonalcoholic drink," one added.

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