I'm a 38DD and I've Been Buying and Wearing This Delicate Lace Bra for Over 10 Years

One day I woke up with huge boobs and that's been my lot in life ever since. It's fine and all, except for when it comes to bras. Despite the advancements we've made in all other facets of life and science, bras continue to be torturous contraptions. So when I come across a good bra, like Chantelle Intimates' Champs-Élysées Underwire Demi Bra, I am unwaveringly loyal. 

I'm a 38DD and for a woman my size, the bra dilemma becomes even more pronounced. Bras for D cups and larger are created with the idea that because your boobs are big everything you own in life should be bulky, ugly, and made of horrible polyester blends in the least flattering colors possible. There is also the discomfort and, in some cases, pain these things cause. Despite the fact that the bigger your cup size is, the more support you need, that doesn't seem to correlate to a higher attention to comfort and fit. Instead there is band pinching, oddly shaped cups, and fabric irritation.

But enough about the bad, let's get into what a good bra does — or more specifically, what the Chantelle bra does. First of all —  and this may seem trivial, but keep in mind that most of the bras I've worn in my life have looked like something made before the advent of textile manufacturing — the bra is delicate and pretty. It's lace, unlined and doesn't add any extra volume to my already heaving bosom. 

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The straps are thin (read: not the width of a seat belt), there are two hook closures at the back of the bra, and it does the job of hoisting my boobs impeccably. They sit high up, like they would if I had good posture, and each individual breast is perfectly rounded and plump. I appreciate the fact that the designers of the bra did not attempt to smash the sides of my boobs into my armpits. When I have it on I feel like the natural shape of my body is being celebrated and emphasized instead of smothered and hidden.

The first Champs-Élysées bra I ever got was a random buy from my mother. She found it on sale and it was a bizarre coral color that I couldn't picture myself wearing. But it has been at least 10 years, and I wore that bra until the fabric started to unravel. Since my fateful introduction to the Chantelle bra, I always have at least two in rotation, and will for the foreseeable future. 

If you're looking for support and glamour, head to Nordstrom to get one yourself. 

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