I’m a 47 year old grandma but I look so young people think my grandkids are actually MY children

ONE 47-year-old grandma looks so fresh-faced that people constantly mistake her grandchildren for her own kids.

Tomeka took to TikTok to share a video of herself and her grandson, writing over the clip: "When your kids are grown and you think you are finally free…"

She then turned the camera to her grandson in the back seat of the car and added: "Here comes the grandkids."

But the majority of comments on the video were complimenting Tomeka's young-looking complexion.

"Ma’am please don’t get on here and lie in our faces – that is your baby’s and your 23… no really you are gorgeous," one person wrote.

"Wait what??? Grandkids??? You don’t look like your over 30," another added.

"Grandmama WHERE?!" a third wrote.

While another comment read: "Grandma???? Nawww Baby You Auntie At The Most!!"

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Responding to one comment, Tomeka revealed that she's "almost 48 with. 22, 27 and 31 year old".

She then returned to her TikTok page to share another video showcasing her incredible wrinkle-free complexion, writing on the clip: "This is 47 and loving it."

"Jesus, I’m going to look like a wrinkled up grape and you are absolutely stunning," one person wrote.

"You literally look 20," another comment read.

"Beautiful!!!! Gosh I’m 28 and I’m already starting to get wrinkles," someone else moaned.

While another person added: "Omg lord have mercy WOMAN YOU ARE A GODDESS."

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