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WITH CHRISTMAS party season now underway, most of us will be spending our evenings and weekends in bars.

But have you ever wondered what your choice of tipple actually says about you?

Well, one bartender has revealed to Fabulous that after serving thousands of customers over the years your drink of choice can often reveal where you come from and what you value in life.

Charmaine Davies, 44, from London, England, has over six years of experience pulling pints and shaking cocktails.

The bartender tells Fabulous exactly what they think of you when you come up to the bar, and it's always clear who's a new mum as they always order the same drink.

So you might want to think twice before you order at the Christmas do.


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If your tipple of choice is a glass of prosecco then you’re probably a woman out to have a good time without spending too much cash.

Charmaine explains: “It’s usually families who think they’re a bit posh or young ladies who want bubbly but don't want to pay for bubbly.”

“They want to have a nice drink but don’t want to pay for one, they’re more reserved with their money.”

She adds that women who drink it tend to look glam but are really just drinking a poor man's champagne.

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A G&T means you know where your heading in lifeCredit: Getty


Gin has become increasingly popular over the years with the younger population, especially those with added fruity flavours.

But it's good news if you like a gin and tonic as Charmaine reveals these people already have their lives figured out.

The bartender reveals: “It’s usually ordered by older people, although it has become more popular with the younger generation.

“Gin drinkers come from all walks of life, but they’re usually people who are a bit more refined.

“They’ve seen a bit of life, know what they want in life, and just want to enjoy their drink."

Vodka, lime, and soda

The classic vodka, lime, and soda is a key giveaway you're a new mum watching the calories.

Charmaine adds: “People who order it want to get p***ed but are self-conscious about their weight."

Not only does it indicate someone who might be health-conscious, it also reveals you're probably trying to save costs, something parents are doing constantly.

She continues: “They’re looking for a cheap night out and women love to drink vodka and are more conscious of their weight so will drink this."

Beer and cider

There are some women who enjoy a glass of ice-cold beer, especially in the summer, but the bartender admits it's often seen as a man's drink.

While it may not be the kind of thing to get wrecked on (the bloating), Charmaine reveals her customers often enjoy one or two after a hard day's graft.

She adds: " Usually it’s hard-working men, like builders, who are coming in after work for a pint after work and then go home."

If you prefer a glass of cider though, it probably means you're not really a big drinker and are just there to socialise, the bartender adds.

Aperol Spritz

A quick scroll on your Instagram Feed is bound to show at least one of your girl mates on a night out clutching a glass of Aperol Spritz.

The bartender would place her bets on the women ordering this being single.

She adds: "They're always glamourous, people who drink this in cocktail bars have got money to spend as these cocktails tend to be pricey.

“You’ll find it's the party girls and single ladies ordering this."


Anyone over the age of 25 will probably quiver at the thought of doing a tequila shot.

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And that's because back in the good old days you tend to drink this to make sure you go home completing one mission in mind, getting drunk.

The bartender agrees, saying: "It's always the younger crowd ordering tequila and shots and they just want to get drunk."

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