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A WOMAN who currently works as a bottle girl at a night club has come a long way confidence-wise in just a few years.

Content creator Lex Hess wears skimpy uniforms to work now, but she couldn’t have predicted that that would be the case years earlier when she was 150 pounds heavier.

In a recent TikTok video, Lex wore a black sparkling and revealing lingerie set as her uniform. The bra top had a crystal mesh overlay and lifted up her cleavage.

The matching underwear briefs were high-waisted and high-cut, showing off her exposed stomach and toned thighs.

Lex confidently posed as she played with her hair.

“If you told 280 [pound] me 3 years ago that I would be a bottle girl in Philly she would laugh at you,” she wrote over the video.

“Insane,” she simply added in the caption, impressed by her lifestyle change, new body shape, and confidence.

People were amazed that Lex had previously weighed 280 pounds and now looked very fit. Some said it gave them hope and motivation.

“YOU ARE MY NEW INSPIRATION WOW,” someone commented, and another person added: “Let’s gooooo sissss!!! Yasssssss.”

“Now that’s a glow up,” one person pointed out.

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And inspired by Lex’s dramatic lifestyle change, someone jokingly said: “So you’re saying I still have time to become a bottle girl.”

In a follow-up video, Lex shared more insight into her weight loss transformation.

“Watch me lose 150 pounds,” text read, while an audio played, saying: “Watch me turn into a savage in four years.”

First, Lex showed herself four years prior, wearing a black sports bra and matching biker shorts. From the front and side angles, she showed that she had more of a rectangular body shape.

She looked uncomfortable and unconfident here as well as in photos of her wearing a boxy brown T-shirt dress.

Then Lex shared a montage of photos and videos over her four-year journey. She showed mirror selfies along with workout videos and glimpses into her enjoying her social life.

As she steadily and progressively started losing weight and wearing more form-fitting and skin-baring clothes, she looked happier and more confident.

In addition to getting rid of her old clothes and swapping them for workout sets and revealing pieces, Lex cut her hair and dyed it platinum blonde.

By the end of the video, Lex’s body was thinner and more toned, and her confidence was restored.

“Can’t believe this is the same person!” someone wrote in awe, and another added: “Congrats queen! That’s no easy feat at all!”

One person also thanked Lex for her transparency, writing: “Thank you for saying 4 years because some of these [videos] are like: ‘How I lost 300lbs in 2 weeks.’”

In another video, answering someone’s question about her journey, Lex revealed that she had bariatric surgery in 2020, which contributed to most of her weight loss.

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“Now that I’m two and a half years out, I basically live life just like anyone else is who’s trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss,” she added.

In addition to eating healthier and exercising more, Lex also recommends working on your mental health first so that you learn to love yourself and want to help yourself.

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