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A CHILDCARE expert has taken to TikTok to reveal that the naughty step doesn't work when trying to discipline your kids. 

Sharne shared that the reason this method, often used by TV’s Supernanny, doesn't work is because it goes against how children's brains often work.

She claimed that the naughty step is designed to give your child time to reflect on their behaviour – but most are unable to do this without an adult's help.

The behaviour coach, known online as @conscious_parent_coach, regularly shares parenting tips with her 38,700 followers. 

In a new reel, Sharne revealed that, instead, the best way to discipline your kids is to talk through why their behaviour was wrong.  

She said: “Based on my 17 years of experience as a behaviour coach and an educator, working with so many kids, I will be telling you exactly why timeouts and the naughty step are absolutely useless. 


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“The whole point that Supernanny suggested that we put our children on a naughty step is to help them reflect. 

“Truthfully, this goes against brain science and psychology of how kids’ brains work which is they are only able to reflect when they are connected to another safe adult. 

“What does this mean? It basically means kids can only think well when they are connected to you and in conversation with you.” 

Mimicking a question she often gets in response, Sharne said: “But don’t your kids just need a chance to cool down? 

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Replying as herself, she said: “I hear you but this is very different to purposefully grabbing your child or putting your child in a timeout or on a naughty step.

“The reason why this doesn’t work is it also labels your child as bad. 

“What they really learn is ‘when I make a mistake, I’m alone with my mistake with no way back to calm or resolution’. 

The expert’s revelation attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 200 likes and 8,700 views. 

In the comments, parents shared their mixed reactions, with one writing: “It doesn’t label the child, but the child’s behaviour, naughty chair does work.”

Sharne replied: “They don’t know the difference. Also, nervous system science shows the brain panics and the child will FAWN – ( fake ) good behaviour to get out and learn no skills from this. 

“We can correct and talk and give cool down time. This is different to a ‘ naughty step’.”

Another said: “I’m confused because I’m the end she literally got every child to behave so how is it not working?”

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She responded: “They behave through fear but with the kids learning no real skills for the issue at hand.”

A third wrote: “It works well for some children. Not for others.”

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