I'm a cleaning expert – 5 surprising ways to use vodka around the house from mould to smelly shoes

A CLEANING expert has shared how vodka is one of her secret weapons when it comes to sprucing up her home.

In fact, Caroline, aka @neat.caroline, swears by the hard stuff for a variety of reasons – from killing stubborn mould to stopping your shoes from smelling.

Caroline, who is a professional organiser and homes expert from New York, introduced a new helpful video uncovering vodka’s hidden cleaning benefits. 

Addressing her 155,000 followers, the American cleaning fanatic said: “Here’s some surprising ways to use vodka around the house.”

She then ran them through five different ways the alcohol can be incorporated into a cleaning routine – kicking off with a very handy hack.

Caroline explained: “It kills mould and mildew around the house. Spray the surface with vodka, then let sit for ten minutes. Then rinse the area clean with a damp rag.”

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Caroline also said that vodka makes a great “homemade Febreeze” and can surprisingly bring freshness to each room in your home.

Lifting the lid on how you can make your own magic potion, Caroline continued: “Mix equal parts vodka and water to a spray bottle.”

She then showed herself spraying it around her living area, explaining that it can “deodorise furniture, clothes and shoes.”

The third surprising way vodka can be used is to “disinfect razor blades and make them last longer.” 

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You simply have to soak the blades in a container of vodka for 10 minutes and see the results. 

Windows and mirrors around the home can also reap the benefits of vodka.

Caroline pointed out that if you spray equal parts vodka and water on to a glass surface and wipe clean with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

And, finally – and perhaps most surprisingly – Caroline says she always used vodka to help take off plasters when she’s suffered a small injury.

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She explained: “It makes removing bandaids less painful. Soak a cotton ball in vodka, apply it to the bandaid and remove it.” 

Encouraging her followers to give the tips a try for themselves, Caroline also said: “And if you’re worried about your whole house smelling like vodka, the smell dissipates very quickly.” 

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