I’m a council estate queen these are the most popular boys names – everyone thinks this one is posh but it’s really not

A SELF-PROCLAIMED council estate queen has revealed the top five boys names you'll find on the block.

Lily Dee, 33 revealed the most common names used from her own experience of growing up on a council estate.

And her hilarious observations have gone viral on TikTok with over five million views.

"Are we ready for this, of course we are.

"Coming in at number five, we've got Oliver, Olly.

"It started out as a posh name but then it dripped down into the council estates and now there's Oliver's running about everywhere."

Two names came in at number four for Lily, who couldn't decide which got the spot.

"Charlie and Riley, they can share the fourth spot," she describes them both as "nice lads but always robbing dust caps off the neighbour's cars."

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"Neighbours are always coming round kicking off, 'He's robbing those caps again!'

"At number three, we've got the good old Connor.

"Our Con, that is a proper council estate name that.

"Where's Connor? Oh he's been arrested again yeah, robbing two packs of bacon out of Tesco again the little s**t."

"Coming in at number two, it's got to be Reece.

"Little cute small thing, but loves doing double bubble back flips off the school roof and breaking his neck for a laugh."

Rounding the list up, Lily shares the number one boy name you'll find in a council estate.

"Are we ready for this? The most famed council estate name… Kane.

"Oh Kane will t**t you!"

Viewers of the video loved Lily's take on the names, one wrote "omg number 1 is so accurate bye."

"I just KNEW Connor and Reese were gonna be on the list!" A second viewer wrote.

Many were shocked that the names 'Calum' and 'Tyler' didn't make it onto the list, "Can’t believe Calum and Tyler didn’t make it."

Another user added: "I was waiting to see a ‘Tyler’ a little disappointed."

Lily also shared the top girls names you'll hear growing up on a council estate.

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