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A DIY fan has revealed an easy way to protect your carpets when painting and all you need is one tool.

The method is fool proof as it protects the fibres of your carpet right down to the roots.

The DIY fan known as the ‘Paint Warrior' online, shared his hack in a TikTok video. 

He said: “Somebody's asked how to protect the carpet while painting.”

First you want to get some masking tape but instead of taping up the carpet the way you usually would, tape the carpet but also the corner of your skirting boards. 

“Get yourself a rolling masking tape and have it slightly angled up against the wall of the skirting board.”

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The paint warrior uses a filler knife to tuck the tape stuck on to the wall into the cracks between the carper and the skirting board. 

You can grab a pack of filler knives for as a little as £2.30.

And you have the added bonus of being able to use the filler knife for other DIY jobs as well. 

He said: “And then just tuck it down that back edge.”

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The paint warrior said this method is fool proof as it protects the fibres of your carpet right down to the roots as opposed to just the top.

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“When you're painting, this will stop any loose fibres from the carpet mixing with the paint.”

You’ll want to make sure your filler knife is clean before attempting the hack. 

And once you're finished be careful to pull up the masking tape so you don’t ruin your carper fibres. 

The painting hack gained over 228,000 views. 

Viewers were stunned they hadn’t heard of the hack before. 

One user said: “After all the times I’ve struggled where have you been!!”

Another said: “Wish I would have seen this before I painted a whole room.”

A third viewer claimed: “I did this after watching that.. it was brilliant. not one drop of paint on my carpet.”

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A fourth user said: “Lovely tip.”

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