I'm a foodie, I tried IKEA's food – the rocky road was a 3 out of 10 & another cake was so vile I couldn't eat it | The Sun

IF you’ve ever been shopping in IKEA, you’ll know the queue for the food hall is almost as long as the till points. 

That’s because people go mad for the popular store's offerings – from their infamous Swedish meatballs to tasty looking cakes. 

After hearing all of the hype, a foodie and her friend decided to try out the food dishes for themselves and offered their honest review of each.

Social media user Daisy Drew and her pal went all out and ordered one of each of the menu items, before tucking in. 

Daisy, who can be found on TikTok at @daisydrewvlogs, explained to her 49.1k followers: “We are trying all the food in IKEA today.”

As she stocked up and placed it all on the shop’s trademark tray, she continued: “You have to get this little trolley and line up, like you’re in high school again. It was so cute.

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“We decided to get literally every cake there.

“This one’s a Daim bar cake and I’m so excited to try this one because I’ve seen it on TikTok before and it looks amazing.”

Daisy paid for her food – including two main meals and countless sweet snacks – and the bill came to £19.35, which Daisy concluded was “pretty good” considering the amount they had. 

Things got off to a strong start when they introduced the two main dishes – meatballs, mash and peas, and plant-based meatballs and chips, both of which are served with IKEA’s special sauce. 

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Daisy went on to say: “So these meatballs with the mashed potato are normal meatballs, and these meatballs with fries are vegan meatballs.

“I decided to do a little comparison and I’m so sorry to say it to all the vegans out there, but the normal meatballs are just so much better than the plant ones.”

However, when they reached dessert, Daisy revealed she’d been left majorly disappointed.

After biting into the in-demand Daim cake ,which she said smelt amazing and has been doing the rounds on social media, Daisy said she wasn’t a big fan. 

She explained: “I’m going to put the microphone [or my earphones] near my cake to see if we can hear it crunch.

“Oh my God, that was like no crunch.

“I’m sad because I love Daim bars so much – I just don’t really like the sponge but it’s a good cake. 

“I can’t believe I bought two now and I don’t even like it that much.

“I’ll still eat it but what’s the thing they say in Spiderman? ‘Expect something and you’ll always be disappointed’.” 

Sadly, the other desserts failed to deliver and Daisy branded the Rocky Road a no-go.

After trying and failing to cut into it, she said: “The Rocky Road was, genuinely, like a 3 out of 10.

“It wasn’t good – it had no taste.” 

She also said that an apple cinnamon cake was equally bland and not for her. 

Daisy added: “It was kind of vile, I’m not going to lie. I couldn’t eat it – but I gave it to my friend so it was fine.”

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But, after her mixed bag of food, Daisy was quick to sing the praises of the meatballs.

The social media user said they were her favourite thing on the menu by far and branded them “sooooo good.”

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