I'm a gardening pro – here’s the top hack I learnt, the ‘hair transplant’ will get your bald lawn lush again in no time | The Sun

AS THE weather warms up loads of us are spending more time in our gardens.

But if yours is looking a little worse for wear after months of rain, don't worry – there's a really easy fix and it doesn't cost a penny.

Gardening whizz Oliver Joseph shared the best trick he learnt from his dad, called 'the hair transplant', to get patchy grass looking lush again.

All you need to do is remove the part of your lawn mower that normally catches the cut grass.

It might seem a bit counter intuitive to spread cut grass over your freshly trimmed lawn, but there's a good reason to try it.

Oliver explained: "Because the back's open it allows all the cut grass to distribute evenly across the entire lawn.


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"This is really good for enhancing grass grown in bald patches, hence why he calls it the hair transplant."

The hack helped Oliver's lawn look lush and green again after it was destroyed by his new puppy, and now he swears by it.

Depending on the type of lawnmower you have, you might be able to simply remove the back part of the machine to try this trick out.

However, you could need to hold up another part of the machine to allow the cut grass to freely fly out of the machine.

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To do this, the gardening guru used a large stick to prop it up as he mowed the lawn.

Make sure to clear your garden of any obstacles before mowing your lawn as they could damage your lawnmower, as some TikTok users pointed out.

One commented: "I do this method, but you one thing, if you hit a stone it might shoot out and hit your leg so you need nice thick jeans."

A second agreed: "Yes! But always protect your shins."

"You might just be the answer to my prayers, I'll give it a go," someone else wrote.

And another said: "Ok now I'm going to go out and do this."

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