I'm a gardening whizz – what you need to do now to get your lawn sorted for spring & how to deal with boggy patches | The Sun

MANY of us will be spending the next few weekends decluttering our homes for spring.

But according to gardening gurus, our lawns and outdoor spaces shouldn't be forgotten – and there are five crucial jobs to complete now.

Chatting exclusively to Fabulous, a spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “​​Gardens are often neglected during the colder months, so are in dire need of a good spring clean when the weather warms up.

''This process does not have to be stressful and can be completed easily.   

“It is worth the effort – there’s nothing more satisfying than a neat garden space to go with a clean home.”

Here are the essential jobs to do to make sure your lawn is ready for the warmer season – and how to deal with boggy patches.

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Tackle the weeds

Spring is back – and so are the weeds. But to prevent them for spreading, it's important to remove these unsightly plants.

The guru said: ''Instead of a hoe, use a hand fork to dig the roots out as soil can still be fairly moist in spring months and leaving any of the plant in the ground can lead to re-rooting.''

Banish the patches

The harsh winter weather has left most gardens brown and patchy – but they can easily be brought back to life.

According to Chris Bonnett, the founder of Gardening Express, you should start by removing any debris that's accumulated over the last few months.

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The next step, he instructed, is aerating the lawn by poking small holes around the grass.

This will allow for water, air and all the essential nutrients to get to the roots.

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''If you have a small patch of grass, then a garden fork should suffice. For larger areas, you may want to invest in a hollow-tined aerator,'' Chris noted.

As well as stocking up on fertilisers, the pro added it's key to improve drainage if you want to fix any boggy patches.

''This can be done by aerating and drainage channels, for example adding a soakaway.''

He went on: ''March is a good time to start mowing the lawn, but bear in mind that it should be at least 5°C outside.

''If the problem is more severe then it may be worth getting a French drain installed by professionals.''

Revive the lawn

Once the lawn is ready and you want to bring some life back into it, you should sow seeds into the ground.

When it grows back, mow the grass to a consistent level and keep it maintained, the experts advised.

''Check the forecast before cutting, as wet grass can damage your lawnmower.''

Plant new plants

According to the industry pros, spring is the perfect time to start planting again.

''Summer-flowering bulbs like Gladioli and Lilies are great choices to dazzle the garden with colour in just a few months’ time,'' they noted.

Prune branches and plants

To encourage the new plants to grow, the gardening experts said, it's essential to prune them.

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However, with the snow leaving thick blankets across some parts of the UK, it's best to wait until the temperatures remain above 10C for a while.

This us because various insects, such as bees and lacewings, will hibernate in branches and stems until temperatures increase.

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