I’m a gym girl – I don’t wear many clothes on leg day, people say it’s ‘dirty’ but I can just shower after | The Sun

A FITNESS influencer has one controversial habit for her leg day workouts.

Mikayla (@mikaylave_), a gym girl, refuses to wear socks no matter what people have to say.

"One thing about me," she said in a video as she prepared to begin her leg exercises for the day.

"I'm always going to train barefoot on leg day no matter what.

"Dirty gym floor you might say? Ever heard of showering?"

She removed her socks and performed deadlifts barefoot in pink short shorts and a bandeau top.

She insisted that people had no idea what they're missing out on.

"Don't knock it til you try it," she added.

Her routine sparked controversy in her comments section.

Many weightlifters agreed that lifting barefoot helped them with their sessions.

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"Barefoot is compulsory on leg day, idc!!" said one supporter.

Others would do the same if they could.

"My gym tells me off and makes me put my shoes back on, worst!!" said another.

A few were grossed out by the idea.

"So u rlly out here making ppl touch ur foot sweat," said one dissenter.

Mikayla, however, was not deterred.

"People would pay for that," she joked.

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