I’m a hair pro and there’s a simple and free way to get your locks thicker, you just need a few minutes before bed | The Sun

A HAIR pro has revealed the most simple way almost anyone can get thicker locks.

It turns out you don't even have to spend a penny to try this viral hair hack.

Sharing the simple method on TikTok, Shauna (@shaunatheresa1) who has made a name for herself online thanks to her savvy haircare tips, explained exactly what you need to do.

It turns out you only need to take a couple of minutes each night to see results.

Shauna explained: " Scalp massage is a great, natural, easy way to boost the hair growth you have as well as the thickness you have."

But there's a right way and a wrong way to massage your scalp for fuller locks, the pro added.


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"What you don't wanna do is just take your fingers in and rub vigorously, or rub too hard.

"The scalp is really just an extension of the skin on your face, so you want to be gentle," she explained.

Instead, Shauna recommended avoiding using the tips of your fingers and using your knuckles or palms to "gently move the skin."

The idea behind this massaging technique is to help "stimulate more circulation" and get "nutrients and oxygen and blood to your hair follicles."

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If you want to take it a step further, Shauna's got you covered.

Try tipping your head over and doing the same massage to really increase the blood flow to your scalp.

According to the pro, doing this for five minutes before bed every night is the best way to see results.

It also helps her relax and unwind from the day, making it a win-win.

Of course, if you don't want to do it before bed, you can give your scalp a quick massage whenever you've got a spare five minutes.

She added: "I do it with my hands and a scalp brush when I wash.

"It's so important to show that scalp love, it's where growth and health for the hair begins!"

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