I’m a hairstylist – the magic formula I always use to work out if short hair will look good on clients

WHETHER it's the decision to go from blonde to brown, or fringe to side bangs, we've all faced many hair dilemmas in our time.

But if you've spent months debating whether to go from long to short, TikTok user @Bondenavant may just be able to help you make that all-important decision.

And best of all, it's super simple!

Responding to a question sent by @Lanadoma, the skin and hair fanatic says: "This is an easy way to know if short hair will look good on you."

"All you need is two pencils and a measuring tape. Put the pencil underneath your chin.


"You place the second one at the base of your ear."

She then goes on to demonstrate how you measure the distance from the base of the ear to the corner created by the other pencil – adding that "the angle/length of your jaw is everything."

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"If the distance is greater than 2 1/4in (5.17cm), then longer hair will look good on you," she explains. "If it's shorter than 2 1/4in, then shorter hair will look good on you."

And it wasn't long before before social media users took to the comments section to praise the handy hack.

"I’m debating on chopping my hair off. Thank you," enthused one.

A second commented: "This really works in my opinion. I’ve always looked so much better with longer hair.

Elsewhere, a third added: "Defo doing this later I want to cut my hair short."

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