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WITH energy bills spiralling lately, one concern many of us have is how we will be able to afford to heat our homes this winter.

It's a depressing state of affairs, and something families with young children and the elderly or vulnerable may be particularly concerned about.

While there's no quick fix to the situation, there are small changes we can make at home if worried to try and ensure we stay as warm as possible, without relying on the heating.

Here, property expert Simon Boden from We Buy Any House and DIY pro Daniel Davies from Love Energy Savings share their top tips on how to keep warm at home…

Use the oven to heat and eat

If you're already using the oven to cook dinner, leaving the door open once you've finished to let the heat infiltrate the room can help, if it's safe to do so.


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Simon says: "We all cook meals on a regular basis and especially during the colder months, one of the best ways to smartly utilise all resources you have at home is to cook with your oven more often.

"It won’t cost you more than it normally would, but you will have a hot, homemade meal and warm up your place at the same time.

"For those who have their kitchen and living room combined this is the perfect hack to keep yourself warm without using a heater."

Draught proof

Even a tiny crack in your windows or doors can let a lot of heat escape and at the same time let colder air come inside your house.

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Simon says: "If you draught proof properly, you will ensure that once you have heated up your home, it will stay like that for a long period of time.

"All you’ll need is some self-adhesive seal and time for a little DIY project.

"The cost varies between £3 and £10 so it is a very affordable option which will save you loads of money in the long run."

Close off Unused Rooms

If you have a play room or dining room that is used less often, closing them off can help keep the areas you do use warmer.

Simon says: "Instead of keeping them open, letting air roam around the whole place, try closing off those that are not regularly in use as heat tends to stay longer when it’s trapped in a confined space.

"It doesn’t cost you anything to do this and it may seem like it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but in reality, little habits like this are going to contribute to keeping your home warm without the excessively high electricity bills."

Invest in Rugs or Carpets

Of course, it's not only windows and doors which can let air escape, but floorboards as well.

Simon says: "While you can easily seal gaps in windows and doors, you cannot do the same for floors.

"That is why an effective solution would be to invest in some good quality carpets for your home which will prevent heat loss while also providing a warmer feel in comparison to wood and stone.

"Don’t be put off by carpet prices, as there are always cheaper options out there.

"For example, Amazon offers rugs under £50 which are not only affordable but with speedy delivery and high quality as well."

Layer up

Make sure you have plenty of warm and cosy accessories to ensure you don't feel the chill, even if you haven't got the heating on.

Simon says: "Hot water bottles are an inexpensive option which can make a huge difference when you’re cold at home.

"Winter is all about snuggling on the sofa with a hot drink and a blanket so why not stock up on them and place thick blankets around any seating areas of the house?

"Not only does it create an incredibly cosy atmosphere, but it will keep you warm without unnecessary, expensive heaters as well.

"You can use them year after year so that in the end the investment will pay off itself."

Bleed your radiators

Another top tip is to ensure your heating system is as efficient as possible before you need to use it.

DIY pro Daniel Davies adds: "If air is trapped in your radiators it will mean your heating system won't work as efficiently as possible, wasting energy. 

"Bleed them now in order to reap the benefits when the heating is turned back on this winter."

Use Foil behind radiators

If you have a radiator attached to an external wall, use some foil behind the radiator.

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Daniel says: "The reflective nature of the foil will prevent heat from disappearing through the wall.

"Instead, it will reflect it back into the room." 

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