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THE BLAZING sun has meant some regions in England are under a hosepipe ban.

Luckily, rain is forecasted to fall later today – which gives you the chance to collect some water before the next heatwave strikes.

A home expert has revealed the two simple ways you can collect rainwater today to ensure you can keep your garden watered all summer long.

Speaking to the Express, Experts from Happy DIY Home said: "Harvesting rainwater from your home with rainwater harvesting systems is easier than you might think.

"It is likely that your home will already be fitted with guttering around the edge of the roof, and a downspout which will carry the water that falls on your roof down to the ground."

They said it will often fall below ground or onto the soil next to the wall of your property.


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If you do have guttering, you can collect rain water by first making sure the guttering is clear to channel water properly.

Scoop out any leaves and debris to let the water flow.

Next you want to think about some sort of barrel to collect the rain water in and place it below the pipe.

The experts added: ""A storage tank or rain barrel which has a tap low down on its side is handy, as the rain barrel will give you easy access to the water you collect with your rainwater collection system."

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You can also attach the gutter pipes to a hose to direct the water to flow onto a particular growing area.

Experts from Rain Harvesting Systems explained that collecting rainwater during heavy downpours can help conserve water and use it to water your plants and lawn areas during dry spells.

You can fill up watering cans and buckets from a rainwater harvesting container or attach a hosepipe to keep your garden looking healthy even during a hosepipe ban.

On top of that, it could also be hugely beneficial to your plants and flowers.

Many plants tend to "prefer rainwater to mains water due to it being naturally soft and chlorine-free".

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