I'm a mum with 34kk boobs – I hate strapping up my 'hanging baskets' but it's a total health and safety hazard | The Sun

A MUM with natural 34kk boobs told how they’re so big they’re a health and safety hazard.

Kayleigh, 34, is a proud member of the no bra club because she hates strapping up her mammoth assets.

But she confessed that when she does let them free they can pose a danger to others.

Kayleigh said: “They are really heavy.

“They’re so big and heavy that they can sometimes be a bit of a health and safety risk in the bedroom.

“If my partner tells me to go on top I joke with him and tell him that it’s his own choice and the risk is all his.”

Mum-of-two Kayleigh loves her monster boobs and even calls them her 'hanging baskets'.

She regularly shows them off on her Tiktok account.

But she admitted it can be a struggle finding clothes and underwear that fit and still look good.

The best of time of day, as far she’s concerned, is when she can finally unleash her breasts.

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Kayleigh said: “I’m at my happiest, and comfiest, when I’m not wearing a bra.

“When it gets to 6pm it’s coming off. And then that’s me done for the entire day.

“I think most women would agree with that.”

Kayleigh confessed that she sometimes leaves the house without a bra on and the stares she gets barely register anymore.

She said: “I am quite bad at not wearing a bra out in public. 

"I'll pop to the shops and even do the school run braless. I get many odd looks – mainly from women.  

“I can never work out why they’re staring. Is it pure disbelief at the size of them or are they trying to figure out if I have a waist?

“It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm so used to it now that I rarely even notice the looks or odd comments.”

When she was single Kayleigh, from Dunstable, Bedfordshire, said her boobs could be a problem when it came to dating.

She’s now in a relationship with someone who can see past her assets.

She said: “When dating there were some men who could only see me for my boobs. That would put me off entirely.

“But now I have a partner who loves me for who I am and not just my breasts.”

Kayleigh said her boobs do come with some downsides but she wouldn’t change them for the world.

She added: “I do occasionally get a bad back. And they mean clothes and bras can be really expensive.

“But I love my body – every curve, stretch mark and bit of cellulite.

“I wouldn’t want my boobs to be any smaller. I’m so used to them and they’re a part of me.”

Kayleigh realised her assets could be worth their weight in gold when a clip of her jogging down the stairs with no bra on went viral.

She’s now a content creator and makes money from punters who are desperate to see her 34kk hanging baskets.

Kayleigh said: “My friends always told me I should use them to my advantage. 

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“There is actually a niche out there for breasts that are this big. Some people absolutely love them.

“I get asked to do videos of them swinging, bouncing and hanging. They can’t get enough."

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