I’m a pelvic floor expert and there’s a dangerous reason women should never hover over the loo seat

EVER get the urge to hover over a public toilet seat when you don’t want to touch it?

A pelvic floor expert has revealed the reasons why you may wish to avoid doing this next time you feel tempted.

Dr. Sabrina Baxter wrote on her @nosuchthingastmi TikTok account that hovering can weaken the pelvic floor muscles.

She wrote: “When your daughter sits on the toilet bc knows that hovering puts pressure on pelvic floor muscles and can weaken them overtime resulting in prolapse, incontinence and other problems.”

Her video has racked up nearly a million views, and people were quick to share their views on the topic.

Many said they would try to sit down from now on, given they now know the dangers.

One said: “Oh wow thank you for this!!!”

A second commented: “Why didn’t I know this before.”

Some said they would feel gross sitting on a public toilet seat, despite any potential risks.

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One said: “No I can’t… I’m terrified of germs.”

Another added: “My fear of bathroom germs does not trump the utter terror and disgust I feel at the thought of a prolapse.”

Dr Sabrina confirmed that hovering is only an issue for “ppl who do it allll the time.”

Sun doctor Dr Carol Cooper told Fabulous: "Hovering over the loo seat can lead to health problems because that position affects the flow of wee.

"It may mean straining more, which can eventually lead to pelvic muscle weakness. 

"Also, in that position the bladder may not empty fully, which increases the chances of a bladder infection. 

"Having said that, it depends why a woman decides to hover.

"It may be preferable now and again to hover when there are serious concerns about the safety or cleanliness of the toilet seat.

"But hovering should not become a habit."

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