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YOU may be worried about your plants dying while you’re jetting off on holiday – well no more with this easy trick that will have you plants looking lush when you return.

The wick method will ensure that your plants remain healthy and watered without you having to give a house key to someone and asking them to take care of your plants – instead you just need a big pot, or pan, and some rope or string.

Shared to TikTok by Justine at @selfcareplants this super easy method takes very little effort, but your plants will certainly thank you for it.

The first step is to get a large pot, you may want to use your biggest saucepan or other cooking pot, and fill it with water.

Then move all of your houseplants so they are surrounding the water-filled pot, placing the pot so it is on a higher level than the plants.

Once this is all set up you should bring out your string, Justine uses cotton macramé cord from Amazon, but other options should work fine too.


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Cut the string into long sections, enough to reach from the pot to the plants.

Justine says you should then “insert one end of the string as deep as you can into the soil and place the other end into the water touching the bottom.”

Use the string to connect all your plants to the pot, consider adding another pot if you have a lot of plants.

After attempting this method, Justine posted an update after returning from her 12 day holiday, and it had worked for all but one of her plants.

Commenters on Justine’s video shared their own experiences with using this method.

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One plant fan wrote: “A girl I know did this for a 15 days vacation and all of her plants were thriving!!!”

“This is so true, my sister n law just did it for her plants outside, and she put the same way, she comes back, after 1 week the plants are happy & ok” added another.

Although some were sceptical of how well this works, with one person adding: “I've done exactly this and my plant was flooded within 15 minutes.”

“I tried this once and one of my plants grew mushrooms and then died” shared a second.

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Others admitted to neglecting their plants, with one TikToker writing: “Ya I just neglect my plants on the regular so they’re like ‘oh you left? I didn’t notice.’”

“Wish I had this before I left my plants at my apartment three months ago,” added another.

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