I’m a pregnant mom – an older woman said my shorts were inappropriate but people say I should tell her to ‘kick rocks’ | The Sun

A PREGNANT woman making the best preparations for the birth of her first child has been dress coded.

The soon-to-be-mom was doing her regular stretching exercises when a passerby stuck her nose in.

Alina Motherhood (@alinamotherhpod), was left shocked and outraged at the interference.

Circus performer Alina has been sharing her experience as a first-time mom on her TikTok: “Motherhood journey from day one,” she said.

But this woman's reaction was not what she expected.

Alina's work as an aerial artist means she has incredible flexibility and can contortion her body into all sorts of mind-bending shapes.

During her pregnancy, she wanted to keep up a daily routine that would benefit her and her unborn child.

And so it was when the incident happened and was recounted in a recent post.

Alina shared a video of the clip that offended the passerby.

In it, Alina is wearing shorts, a tank top, and a T-shirt, and she did a series of impossible but impressive stretches.

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“Today when I was doing my daily pregnancy stretching," she said, " a 50-year-old lady approached me and said it was inappropriate to exercise with my shorts unzipped."

A stunned Alina then explained the reason: “I told her that I’m pregnant.”

But this woman was brazen, and she wasn't finished with Alina's display yet.

“She said that it doesn't matter that I'm pregnant. There are lots of men around."

Then she came in for the killer blow:"Then she said, 'You are probably one of those who gets her t*ts out in the public to breastfeed.'”

Alina was rendered almost speechless by her attitude: "A lot of people are very tactless," she mused.

But there was a lot of support for her from her fans, who were appalled by the busybody's attack.

“You do you," insisted one follower. "Personally, I think you’re well covered and she should mind her own business.”

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“I’m so sorry that happened to you," was the empathetic response from this viewer.

Finally, at least one viewer wasn't prepared to take it sitting down: “Kindly tell her to kick rocks," she said.

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