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A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared her number one hack for cleaning vertical or slatted blinds – and it’s a total game changer. 

Cleaning service The Clean Up Company have made a name for themselves going into people’s homes and leaving them spotless. 

And now one of the cleaners from the company is lifting the lid on how you can do it too with her series of cleaning hacks.

In a video posted to their TikTok account @thecleanupcompany, they revealed the products they’ve come to swear by and the techniques you never knew about.

And one of the most genius was the way in which they clean vertical blinds, ensuring they remove all dirt from in between the fiddly wooden slats. 

They explained: “Now, I’ve had so many people asking me about this.

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“These blinds are my best friends – but everyone’s unsure on how to clean them. I think it’s a matter of finding what’s best for you.”

She then said that her trick of the trade was to use a tumble dryer sheet, which can be bought from all supermarkets, to remove the grime that builds up there in seconds. 

The cleaner continued: “I myself, personally, if I had them in my home, I would use dryer sheets.

“I would just wipe the slats down once a week when you do your regular dusting.”

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She later added: “And then every so often, I would give them a really good clean with warm soapy water or a degreaser.”

@thecleanupcompany then acknowledged that they can be very tricky and that “there’s no real easy way to clean them” as you have to make sure you focus on “every individual slat.” 

But she said by doing the dryer sheet hack once a week, and a deep clean once a month, you’d soon get into the swing of things.

However, that wasn’t the only insider secret that she chose to reveal. 

Elsewhere in the video, the pro cleaner said there’s a nifty way to remove stains from the inside of your toilet seat or rim. 

She explained: “Everyone gets them, it’s just a build-up of water, really.

“But all you need to clean this sort of stain is either a Brillo pad or you can use The Pink Stuff paste, or cream cleaner.

“I use the Astonished cream cleaner with bleach – love it, love the stuff.

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“So that’s all you need, on a cloth, just scrub it off and it’ll come off like new.”

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