I’m a pro window cleaner and you’ve been doing your squeegeeing all wrong – it’s why your glass is NEVER spotless | The Sun

MORE often than not, it feels as though cleaning windows is an impossible task. 

There’s always a bit of water you’ve missed with the squeegee and it doesn’t matter how many times you go over the glass, watermarks seem to be a permanent fixture. 

But one man, a professional window cleaner, has finally shared where you might be going wrong and how to fix it.

Taking to his TikTok account, Melvo posted a video of himself cleaning two windows – using one to demonstrate the mistake most people make and the other to show how it should be done. 

“The wrong way to clean windows,” he wrote over the clip as he dragged a squeegee horizontally across one window from left to right. 

Doing this all the way down, soapy water could be seen on the edges of the windows, which would lead to watermarks. 


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Shaking his head, he then got to work on the second window. 

“The right way,” he wrote over this part of the clip as he dragged  the squeegee from the bottom left corner all the way up before moving it to the right in a sweeping motion.

He then brought it back down to the bottom right corner, dragging it back up to the middle before bringing it all the way back down again from the centre. 

This method ensured all the soapy water was completely off the window, including the edges.

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Viewers were left impressed with his method and took to the comments to praise him as one person wrote: “The left was the rookie and the right is the veteran.” 

Another begged him to clean their windows as they asked: “Okay- when you come to me?” [sic]

A third said: “Absolutely correct,” while a fourth added: “That’s CLEAN, my guy. Literally and metaphorically!”

But some thought @theoriginalmelvo was still doing it the wrong way as one person argued: “As a window cleaner that’s taking way long time . Start in corner the. Zig zag down way faster . And no need with so much soap water . To much to wipe”. [sic] 

Another said: “Well your right way is still the wrong way, who ends upp with last stroke in the middle of the window,” [sic] with a laughing emoji. 

“Not the right way don’t finish the squeegee in the middle of the pain of glass that’s how your left with squeegee lines”. [sic]

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