I'm a proud hot cougar…trolls say I’m embarrassing but I can't help that young men are desperate to marry me

A SELF-CONFESSED cougar has hit back at online trolls who say she will one day be embarrassed when looking at her videos.

TikTok user @scratte0422, from the US, who can be seen flaunting her toned figure in a black sheer top with her bra peeking through, shared a video alongside a caption which read: ''Respect and disrespect goes both ways…''

''I don't know who needs to hear this but don't disrespect me and then put boundaries on how I can disrespect you,'' the fit cougar, whose real name is Scratte, could be heard lip-syncing.

Although her videos have amassed her a notable following of close to 130,000 TikTok users, not everyone's become a fan, with some saying she will be ''super embarrassed'' about the clips in the future.

In one such video, the 49-year-old was stood in her bedroom posing in front of her camera and a bright ring-light, rocking a tight top with daring cut-out detailing above her chest and in the shoulder area.


Whilst giving a flirtatious smile and sliding her hands across her body, the fit cougar said: ''When he slides his hand between your legs and says: ''This is mine, are we clear?'' ''

''Yes, daddy,'' Scratte said, playing with her shoulder-length hair.

Another viral video, which has racked up over 103,000 views on TikTok, sees the biker lover sneak into a room wearing a catsuit costume, which was one of her outfits for Halloween last year.

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Rocking a figure-hugging bodysuit with large earrings and kitten ears, Scratte walked towards the camera to give a cheeky smile.

Some viewers also couldn't believe she was approaching her 50th birthday – she explained the youthful looks as a result of her alleged high sex drive.

Despite the online critique, the cougar has also seen many fans asking her to marry them.

''Meow meow wow beautiful I’m single and looking for [a] relationship,'' read one proposal, whist a second begged: ''Will u marry me babe [sic].''

Another fan wrote: ''You are incredibly BEAUTIFUL.''

''you don't look like a stray but I would still give you an awesome home,'' a user joked.

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