I'm a proud member of the no bra club – it's sexist to tell me to cover up, I refuse | The Sun

A MODEL has hit out at people who judge her for going braless and insists it's sexist to say so.

Kelsey Johnson, who goes by Kelseyxo online and @heyitskelseyxo on Instagram, reckons it's strange that people are so offended by the sight of nipples.

The 25-year-old, from Thurso, Caithness, gets comments all the time from folk who notice she doesn't wear a bra.

But she refuses to change her style and thinks it's time that other people get on the same wavelength.

She says: "People stare and say to cover up but why should I?

"Men have nipples too, the bra doesn't hide breasts, it hides nipples.

"Nobody stares when a man's nipples are visible or when a man is even topless.

"The people staring are the ones sexualising a body part that we all have and that half of the population are allowed the show and the other half are not.

"To me it makes no sense, so I don't give into society's pressure to wear a bra, I'd rather pressure them to stop sexualising nipples."

Kelsey earlier revealed she goes from a five to a 10 when she ditches her baggy clothing.

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She reckons people love it when she opts for more skimpy outfits because she has a big bum.

She said: "My whole Instagram is basically dedicated to my bum and people moan when I post without it on show.

"Less seems to be more when it comes to clothing on the internet."

"People say I go from a five to a ten when I wear less." 

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