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HAVE you ever wondered is someone secretly can't stand you?

According to one psychology pro there's an easy test you can try to reveal what anyone really thinks of you.

The psychology whizz, Austin, shared the trick on his TikTok account @austy_j and it's left people amazed.

According to Austin, all you need to do is give them a 'surface-level compliment'.

This could be anything from, 'Hey, I like you outfit, to 'Your hair looks good.'

The way someone reacts to the compliment reveals all you need to know about their true feelings towards you.

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He explained: "A friend will take this as a superficial compliment, but a secret enemy will interpret this negatively and lash out."

Not only that, but if someone secretly hates you they might even begin to insult you after the compliment.

"A strong negative response will let you see what's boiling under their surface and make you aware," he added.

In another clip, Austin revealed that you can also ask people what they think of you, if you want to know how someone really feels about you.

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Although you should expect a superficial answer, like 'You're fun to hang out with', you can then press the question further.

Austin explained that if they're unable to go into much detail or justify their answer they might not put much thought into their relationship with you.

So next time you're not sure how someone feels about you, try asking them the simple question, or even giving them a compliment.

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