I’m a rich Dubai housewife and my man transferred me £16,000 for Valentine's Day but I'm fuming – it's so thoughtless | The Sun

LOTS of woman consider themselves lucky if they get a card and a bunch of flowers from their men on Valentine's Day.

But one woman got more than most when her man transferred a staggering £16,000 ($20,000) over to her bank account to mark the romantic occasion.

However, instead of being thrilled with the gift, the Dubai housewife admitted she was fuming because it was so "thoughtless" of her other half.

Taking to TikTok, Linda said: "Ok so today my man put $20,000 into my bank account for Valentine’s Day.

"I thought it was really thoughtless and selfish, there’s no thought behind it at all.

"Anyway, let’s go shopping. Let me drown my worries in credit card bills."

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Her first stop was Christian Dior, where she spotted the Himalayan Dior bag.

And while the 23-year-old said it was "beautiful", it was a custom Hermès Kelly bag that caught her eye.

"It’s a custom Kelly with Alec Monopoly artwork on it," she said.

"Nobody else will have it which is what I love.

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"I don’t want to be in with anybody else."

Linda then stopped for some food next to the Burj Khalifa, before going to look for some shoes "for a dinner I’ll probably end up planning for myself".

"These are really cute," she said of a pair of strappy, sparkly sandals.

"I probably shouldn’t post my feet for free but whatever."

Concluding her video, she said: "That’s all I did today, I was kind of lonely so I went home.

"But I did get one cute pair – love it."

"romance is dead these days, I'm so mad at him," Linda captioned her video.

And people were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on her situation, with one writing: "No see i understand why you’re upset.

"Like yes $20,000 is good money but i’d rather he went out and bought something he thinks i’d like or plan a date."

"Girl right? You get me," Linda replied.

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"Just shows money doesn’t bring happiness," another wrote.

"I’m guessing she said thoughtless and selfish because he gave her money instead of a cute romantic gift," a third said.

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