I’m a savvy shopper, my easy hack to ensure online order clothes always fit & I don’t have to keep returning parcels | The Sun

HOW often have you ordered an outfit from an online store, only to try it on and find it doesn’t fit?

Then you’ll know only too well how frustrating it is to have to return your shopping hauls and start again from scratch. 

But that can all be a thing of the past, thanks to one fashion fan and savvy shopper's easy hack.

TikTok user Alison Hope Murray, aka @alisonhopemurray, took to her social media profile to have her say on the common fashion predicament and how she’s eradicated it from her life.

She revealed: “This is how I shop online and not care about the size and just care about what fits me.”

Alison then told her 29k plus followers that she keeps a note of her chest, waist, height and hips measurements in the notes section of her phone. 

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Therefore, she can easily check the numbers against any website she’s buying from whenever she needs to. 

Alison explained: “These are my measurements. I just have them saved down in my notes app.

“So then whenever I’m shopping online, I pull up their size guide or the size table.

“And I cross reference the measurements that they list for each size against my own.”

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Lifting her lid on why she chose to start doing it, the style influencer went on to say: “Every company will use their own size system – there is no official size system.

“And for you, you will likely be a different size in different brands.

“It literally doesn’t matter – buy clothes that fit you!” 

Alison then said that this had been a total game changer for her and had resulted in her having to visit the post office a lot less with her returns.

Alongside the video, she wrote: “Online shopping tip that has saved me from many dreaded post office returns schleps.”

And everyone else thought it was genius, too, as they commented on Alison’s post.

One person wrote: “Ahh, I love this! Such a good idea.”

A second said: “Why does this feel like the most obvious thing ever but I have LITERALLY NEVER THOUGHT TO DO IT.”

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A third TikToker praised the idea, as they typed: “OMG this is a super smart idea.” 

While a fourth simply stated: “Genius.”

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