I'm a school cleaner and get a third of the teachers’ paycheck yet I still have to correct their grammar mistakes | The Sun

A SCHOOL CLEANER was left stunned after spotting a grammar mistake on a teacher's whiteboard.

The woman, from the UK, shared the mistake on TikTok where it soon went viral.

The school cleaner found the mistake while cleaning year three's classroom, and shared a clip of it on her account, elliephant_tv.

A sentence on the whiteboard read: "What does the letters and numbers on a pencil mean?"

The cleaner quickly spotted the grammatical error and wiped off the 'es' at the end of does.

The sentence was corrected to 'What do the letters and numbers on a pencil mean?'


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The cleaner wrote: "When you're just a school cleaner on a third of the teacher's salary."

"I don't get paid enough," she captioned the post.

In what appears to be a real Good Will Hunting moment, the video has gone viral with over 700k views.

But viewers were left divided over the video, with some agreeing with the cleaner for correcting the mistake and others saying there's too much pressure put on teachers.

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One wrote: "YES!! I'd have been tempted to put a big red circle around it & write "See me after class"!"

Another person commented: "As a cleaner, who is also reasonably intelligent, I appreciate this."

A third penned: "This is why I quit teaching… so many judge the finest details and have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Not for me."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Not saying that this is the case here, but some teachers make deliberate mistakes for the children to find and correct."

"In defense of all teachers, even basic spelling mistakes can be missed by us at times. A class will demand your attention in a thousand ways," a fifth claimed.

The woman replied: "We're all only human, and a bunch of year 3's probably wouldn't have noticed anyway."

Others thought the video was a set up and claimed the 'es' at the end of does looked like different handwriting.

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One person added: "The ‘es’ was a different handwriting. Nice try!"

Another person claimed: "looks like the e and s are different handwriting."

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