I’m a server – I tried three different TikTok hacks at once and got $207 in tips in a single night | The Sun

WORKING in the service industry can be a tiring, thankless endeavor.

One server said she's relying on viral hacks from TikTok to increase her income, and so far, it's working wonders.

The savvy server, whose name is Chelsea (@champagnemamichels), credited other food industry influencers for a particularly good night.

In a video, she revealed the result of her campaign for more gratuities.

She asked viewers to imagine themselves in her position for the duration of the clip.

"POV: You're a server and you used TikTok tips to make more money," she wrote in the caption.

Chelsea recorded herself getting ready for a shift, then reapplying her beauty products throughout the evening.

First, she twirled her hair into "space buns" – two loose spirals positioned at the backside of her head – and secured one at either side.

Then, she applied a plumping lip gloss, giving her pout an extra boost.

Her final trick was to spritz her pressure points with perfume, so she'd cast a lovely scent everywhere she went all evening.

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The fragrance Chelsea picked was Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, $119, a mixture of vanilla and berries that would have any customer craving another drink.

At the end of the evening, Chelsea counted her tips on camera. She was satisfied with her take-home pay.

She paired a celebratory emoji with the caption, "$207 for just the night shift."

In the video description, she theorized that one hack in particular was to thank for her increased tips.

"The space buns worked," the victorious server wrote.

Chelsea's fans were quick to compliment her ingenuity and her beauty.

One insisted she earned those tips with her good looks, comparing her beautiful smile to Drew Barrymore's.

Another commenter agreed and said, "Being absolutely gorgeous probably helps too."

"You're too sweet. Thank you, gorgeous," Chelsea wrote in response.

She stayed humble and waved off any compliments. "Mine is the makeup," she insisted.

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Another server said she also used the lip plumper to get more tips, and had good luck with a pheromone-based fragrance, too.

"I'm ordering the pheromone oil," Chelsea commented back.

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