I’m a single mum with no cash for designer homeware – I’ve faked it with masking tape & kebab sticks and saved thousands

A MUM has revealed how she gave her home an interior design makeover on a budget, after shopping in cheap stores like Asda, Ikea and eBay – as well as using her clever tricks.

Chelsey Hill, 26, from Cambridge has spent three years giving her home a stylish transformation using her genius DIY hacks – and reckons she’s definitely saved thousands.

The single mum, who lives with her son Noah, four, also loves Dunelm and Wilko’s for snagging a bargain – while she often revamps old accessories at home with her budget DIY makeovers.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Chelsey, who used to work for the NHS, reveals her top DIY hacks she uses to transform her house on a budget…

My son and I have been living in this place for three years. It was a blank canvas when we moved in and I have completely transformed it.

After we moved in, my passion for interior design started to grow. I’m a single parent and wanted to give our home a makeover but make sure it was all done on a budget.

Soon I realised I could easily get whatever look I wanted on a budget using simple alternatives, so I started an Instagram account to share my tips with my friends.

All this decor could have easily have cost me a few thousand but I saved hundreds by buying cheaper versions and then attempting to do them up myself using different tricks.

As a single mother I don’t have £80 – £100 spare to splash out on a fancy mirror or a shiny new lamp, so I’ve figured out how to come up with cheaper alternatives.

I really wanted a statement mirror for our bathroom and had a plain gold one already that I picked up for £40 from Dunelm a few months ago.

It had a gold rim around the edge and it was kept in my downstairs bathroom which was the only room in my house with gold accessories.

I decided I wanted to get rid of the gold and change it up with a green interior and fell in love with the wooden effect decor I kept seeing on Instagram.

I had recently decorated my bedroom with wicker items and had a little wooden mirror from Asda which I loved.

Instantly I wanted to give the gold bathroom mirror a wooden makeover so it would fit in my new theme.

I thought how could I do this? I already had some £2 Asda kebab sticks because it’s been BBQ weather and noticed they looked very similar to some wooden-effect mirrors I had seen.

It would have cost over £100 for a mirror of that size so I decided to use the sticks and revamp the mirror I already had instead.

The hardest bit was I had the longer kebab sticks for a bigger statement mirror and it would have meant the mirror wouldn’t have been in line with the sink.

So I had to keep going back to the dining room and cutting each stick down a little bit at a time hoping they would fit!

This took me about two hours to do as the mirror is large. You can tidy up the middle or the rim of the mirror but I like the jagged effect. It could also have been sprayed with any colour.

I was over the moon with the result!

I haven’t stopped there – I made my son Noah a homemade Lego table for Christmas using a £10 bargain table from Ikea.

I spent 50p each on four tubs he could fill with lego pieces and I drilled a £4 sidebar from the kitchen into the table – it was a total winner and he loved it.

I also used black masking tape to make another statement mirror in my landing/hallway area.

It was another one of my budget hacks. I used LOTS mirror tiles from Ikea then I used thin black Washi masking tape from eBay for £3.50 to frame the mirrors.

It totally transformed the mirror and gave it a stylish monochrome look.

I’ve built and decorated our whole home interior myself. I did panelling throughout the house (which was tricky), laid lino flooring in the bathroom and even wallpapered myself.

I was quoted £1000 for my kitchen wall and lounge wall to be panelled so I gave it a go myself and only spent £150 – saving over £900.

I hand painted dalmatian print onto the walls in my dressing room in one hour and upcycled a second hand coffee table I picked up for £20 using white spray paint for my lounge.

I also recently transformed a £5 clearance Ikea lamp using black paint and have previously made stylish wall art using twigs.

I’m always happy to give things a go before asking for help!

Social media has gone crazy recently. I upload my home decor pictures and receive lots of likes, comments and inboxes from strangers.

I’ve even decided to launch my own brand to help bring people’s properties back to life with a bit of love and TLC.

I love decor, I love changing rooms – especially when it’s affordable and on a budget.

90% of the time I often get more compliments on my DIY jobs than any expensive bits in my home."

To see more of Chelsey’s incredible home and learn about her budget tricks and hacks – see her Instagram page (@_hilldecor).

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