I’m a size 20 & bought 4 bits of shapewear to compare Kardashian brands SKIMS and Good American – EVERY item had issues | The Sun

KIM Kardashian isn't the only member of her family with shapewear in her much-hyped fashion line.

One fan compared the SKIMS bodysuits to similar styles from Khloe Kardashian's Good American and found both brands fell short in their own ways.

On TikTok, fashion blogger McKayla has 49.3k followers. In her bio, McKayla said she generally fits a size 18/20, and on her page she reviews popular fashion brands from a plus-size perspective so other shoppers can make informed decisions.

Recently, McKayla purchased four pieces from SKIMS and Good American, and before trying them on she sat down with viewers to talk about what she ordered.

"I'm fat and I want to know which Kardashian sister does it better, SKIMS or Good American," McKayla told viewers. "I ordered a long sleeve in a short sleeve from both companies, so let's see how they compare."

First, she opened the long-sleeve bodysuits she bought from both brands, and gave her first impressions of the clothes.


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"This is the SKIMS long-sleeve bodysuit, and it looks pretty small," McKayla said. "It looks like it's going to have a lot of compression."

The SKIMS bodysuit was also a thong, so it would provide less coverage – but less-obvious panty lines – down below.

Next up was Good American, which looked far more comfortable at first glance.

"The torso is much longer on this one," McKayla explained. "The material is less compressed, but it feels softer."

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McKayla also said the "downstairs" of the Good American bodysuit seemed roomier, which is the most important comfort factor for her when buying a bodysuit.

Then she opened up the short-sleeve varieties. The mock neck bodysuit from Good American had a roomier torso and softer material, while the short-sleeve version from SKIMS was shorter and slimmer.

"I think Good American's winning for me so far," McKayla said. Then, it was time to actually try on the pieces and put them to the test.

She was relieved to find the SKIMS mock neck fit even though straight out of the package, it looked incredibly small.

"It stretched out a lot more than I thought it was going to," McKayla said.

But the fabric on the Good American bodysuit felt much nicer and more wearable.

"It's really silky smooth," McKayla said. "It also had a lot more material down there and was easier to button up."

"The only thing I don't like is the gaping right here," she said, pointing out a large gap just next to her armpit. "The SKIMS one didn't have this."

Strangely enough, both long-sleeve bodysuits had similar issues.

The Good American bodysuit had longer sleeves than McKayla would've liked, but they weren't prohibitive. Then she realized they didn't feel quite right.

"I just realized it's really tight on my arm," she said, showing the super-snug fit on her upper arm.

Then, she tried on the long-sleeved SKIMS. McKayla had to put on shorts to cover herself since the bottom of the bodysuit was much skimpier.

"I actually like this one better. It's more compressive," McKayla said. But it wasn't quite perfect: she showed how much excess sleeve fabric the SKIMS bodysuit had.

"I just wish the sleeves were shorter," she said, showing how they covered her fingers if not rolled up.

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McKayla declared the Good American bodysuit the winner in the short-sleeve department, and said SKIMS was superior for fuller coverage.

Neither is without their flaws, though, so buyer, beware – especially if oversized sleeves aren't the look for you.

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