I’m a soccer player – my coach says my bikini pics are ‘inappropriate’ but I couldn’t care less | The Sun

ACCORDING to a lifelong soccer player, her coach doesn't approve of the bikini photos she posts on social media.

But those keeping score at home are awarding all the points to the fit blonde.

Now based in Buffalo, where she plays for a women's league, Heather (@htravwrld) spends most of her free time on the soccer field.

As a goalie, she's heard plenty of criticism from her coaches over the course of her career.

In one video, she recalled the most obnoxious comments she's heard while playing the game or getting ready for a match.

She titled the video, "Things soccer coaches have said to me over the years," and listed them as she danced in a swimming pool.

The list opened with a dramatic accusation: "You're playing so slow, I could have died seven times."

Coaches had also told Heather, "Get out of my office, I don't want to see you cry."

The next item on her list held extra weight, based on what Heather wore in the video.

"Your bikini photos are inappropriate to post during the season," the complaint read.

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As Heather showed off her best moves in a two-piece, she revealed one more piece of "advice."

"Maybe if you stopped making TikToks you'd be better at soccer," a coach had said.

Her viewers got a kick out of the passive-aggressive video.

"In the ultimate move, you included all of those comments on this TikTok," one chuckled.

Another was entertained by the coaches' melodramatic attitudes.

He wrote, "The first one made me laugh, not gonna lie."

"What's the season got to do with posting photos?" asked another, disturbed by the strange rule.

A second commenter agreed, "The bikini comment is really weird."

"Bro wtf kinda coaches did you have?" asked one fellow soccer player. "Props to you for continuing to play."

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And one person who disagreed with Heather's coaches put in a special request.

"Keep up the bikini posts at the very least," he begged.

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