I’m a tattoo addict – People say I’m the 'most attractive' person they've seen when I reveal my inkings | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER is turning heads in her shocking before and after video, displaying her body covered in tattoos.

Influencer Brooke posted the video on her TikTok, captioned "How I feel when you can't see my tattoos."

The first clip shows Brooke posing and pouting in an oversized hoodie, with her hair clipped back.

The second clip has shocked viewers, who couldn't see Brooke's countless tattoos in the first video.

Brooke poses in a black camisole in the second part of the video, revealing a plethora of patchwork tattoos.

Brooke's comment section was flooded with compliments, and even some viewers offering to take her on a date.


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One user said: "JAW DROPPED."

Another chimed in: "Marry me mommy."

Her transformation from a seemingly 'innocent' girl to a tattoo-covered one also sparked discussion in her comments.

One viewer said: "You still look like an angel though, you have a really sweet face."

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Another profile related to her transformation: "I feel this and it’s great. Go from looking 15 to 25 real quick lol."

Brooke has gained a major following on TikTok for posting her tattooed body – boasting over 660,000 followers.

She also has a large following on Instagram and Onlyfans, where she shares photos of her tattoos.

Another woman chose comfort when it came to her work attire, which showed her tattoos – and a male co-worker complained.

A TikTok user, who goes by MizMedia, shared the office attire she was told was inappropriate for work.

Miz said: "The last time I got my legs out in work, someone in the office turned around and told my manager that my outfit was inappropriate."

The influencer revealed that while she didn't know the person's identity, her manager confirmed it was a man who complained.

She asked: "Is it the tattoos? I don’t know but there’s another girl who always gets her legs out. Is she inappropriate? Is it just me?"

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