I'm a 'thick' gym girl – my stomach hangs over my leggings but that's okay, I won't cover up for fear of being judged | The Sun

A FITNESS girl has shared that she wants to normalize multiple things in the gym.

She said that it's okay to have her stomach hang out over her leggings — after all, she doesn't care about being judged.

Sophie (@sophthickfitness) shared the uplifting video with over 160,000 TikTok followers.

"Things I want to normalize in the gym," the blonde said.

She listed a number of things: "Stomach hanging over leggings," she said, showing off her stomach.

Next on the list was also stomach-adjacent: "Bloated belly," she said, rubbing the area.

Sophie also believes that it's perfectly acceptable to face failure in the gym: "Finding weights 'heavy' or 'failing' a movement," she said, attempting to squat some weights.

On top of that, she felt that no one should feel discouraged if they're not "perfect" at the gym, especially if they don't have the perfect technique right off the bat.

"ALL BODIES are allowed to exist in the gym!!!" she said. "Let’s normalise NORMAL BODIES doing NORMAL THINGS please."

"Too many times I’ve seen people (mainly women) cover up, hide in the corner OR not even show up to a gym because they’re ashamed of what their body looks like in front of others – for fear of being judged.

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"TRUST ME, no one cares my love. However, if someone seems to be judging you, then I think it’s a waste of their membership and a waste of their life!"

"Stay in your lane, pump that music and grindLet’s try and focus LESS on what our bodies look like and MORE on what our bodies can do!!!"

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her list.

"Haha that’s all me at the gym and the dancing yes I will dance," said one supporter.

"I truly needed that today!!! Thank u so much, you are an inspiration gorgeous," said another.

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