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YOU might be holding a wine glass the wrong way.

TikToker Maria Liassides, an etiquette coach based in the UK, shared the proper way to hold a wine glass.

The 16-second clip shows Maria showing the different ways people hold the glass, either holding it by the bowl, stem or base.

Each times Maria demonstrates how people hold the glass, she shakes her head to signify that it’s the wrong way.

After a few times, Maria shows the proper way to hold the glass.

As shown by her video, you should hold the glass near the bottom of the, with your fingers resting near the base.

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The video gained thousands of views with people sharing their thoughts in the comments.

“Hold white wine like this so the hand doesn’t warm it,” wrote one person. “Red wine can handle being held higher as warmth releases flavors.”

Maria responded: “Thank you for your comment, but it depends on which wine you drink. For most of reds the best temperature is 15-20 degrees.”

Others stated they don’t really care how they hold their wine glasses.

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“It doesn’t matter at the end, it’s going through your mouth,” wrote one person.

“Jesus, I’m just gonna pour straight into my mouth from the bottle and not even use a glass,” wrote another.

A third wrote: “Just drink it.”

Maria responded, “Etiquette is situational! Not an exact science.”

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