I'm an extreme cheapskate… I've frozen my credit card in ice so I can’t use it & get date night food by rummaging in bin | The Sun

A PENNY pincher has revealed he's frozen his credit card in ice to avoid the temptation of using it.

With food and energy prices now soaring, most are looking for ways to spend less – whether that means swapping your daily Starbucks with a homemade brew or walking instead of taking the tube.

But some, like the extreme cheapskate, Roy, from the US, will even go as far as giving ''frozen assets'' a literal meaning.

Appearing on TLC Extreme Cheapskates, penny pincher Roy reveals he has frozen his credit card in a block of ice.

''We have a credit card but try not to abuse it.

''I freeze the credit card so that it's not easily accessible.''

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This means that whenever Roy needs to buy something, he will take the container full of ice and put it under running tap water, before using a hammer to remove the remaining ice.

Whilst he does admit that ''it's a lot of effort'', this trick means Roy's wife has to ''put in some labour'' if she wants to use the credit card for purchases.

To save some extra cash on other necessities, the cheapskate will also make the most of out paper towels and plates.

In order to keep them lasting for as long as possible, Roy will dry them on a string indoors.

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This easy trick, he reveals, saves him more than £80 each year.

''And they're still quite functional,'' he tells on the show.

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Another daily item Roy is quite happy to reuse is dental floss, which he estimated he had a ''lifetime supply'' of.

''When I go to the dentist, I just ask for free samples and they're happy to give it to you.

''So I'll use it once or twice, make sure there's nothing clinging on and hang it on my clothes dry.''

And when going out with his significant other, Roy's on the lookout for spending as little as possible too – whether that means asking for all the ice cream samples possible or rummaging through garbage to find free soda and popcorn to munch on.

''It's a big waste of money to buy food at the snack bar […] at any movie theatre.

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''By bringing my own snacks, I save at least another $10 (£8).''

Although her husband's penny pinching habits are sometimes ''mortifying'', Roy's wife admitts that he does save a lot of money.

''And he's all mine.''

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