I'm an HR manager – wearing spaghetti straps to work can get you dress-coded but I think employers should be lenient | The Sun

AN HR manager has revealed her take on wearing spaghetti straps to work.

Ashley Herd, who posts on TikTok under the handle @managermethod, has shared why she thinks employers should be lenient when it comes to spaghetti straps.

In her recent TikTok video, Herd said she was asked by an employer to send out a reminder about dress codes with more people returning to the office.

"If you're coming in hot about the dress code, it's important to know why," she said.

"Honestly, it's passive aggressive to have HR send a reminder to everyone.

"They'll just wonder, 'Ooh, who wore spaghetti straps?'"


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Herd goes on to question dress codes in general.

"What's the point of a dress code?" she mused.

"Look professional, but that can vary.

Herd then shared what she would like a dress code to say.

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"We trust employees to recognize that this is work and dress in the way that makes you most productive."

Herd continued her thoughts in the comments, writing: "Approaching dress codes from a place of trust rather than a place of discipline can increase employee productivity. Especially if many are remote."

Many in the comments section agreed with Herd's idea of a more lenient dress code – and the fact that employees should be trusted and respected to make good decisions.

"Dress codes are kind of ridiculous. I work in a hospital lab & when I asked if we can wear festive scrub tops for the holidays they said they'd 'think about it.' like I understand we need to wear scrubs & closed shoes for our safety but a Halloween scrub top is no go? So dumb," one person wrote.

Herd responded: "I think holiday and creative scrubs tops should be encouraged! It can be a way to express yourself – otherwise it just feels robotic."

"Omg this!! I work in HR and having to explain that we are not the principals office is frustrating," another wrote.

"So happy my boss lets me wear what I want! Makes me more productive not having to wear a uniform," someone else chimed in.

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