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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed that there are five things that instantly make your home look cheap – so if you want your space to impress, you’ll want to listen up.

Not only this, but according to Brie Turton, the interior whizz, everyone makes the same mistake when it comes to IKEA furniture, which instantly makes your home look tacky.

Posting on TikTok under the username @studiobrie, the expert said: “Here are the five things you might accidentally be doing that make your home look cheap, coming from an interior designer.”

Firstly, according to Brie, if you want your home to look expensive, you’ll need to ditch the IKEA furniture.

She advised: “Number one – swap IKEA for Facebook Marketplace.

“For the same budget you can get items that are way more premium and bring interest to your space.”

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Secondly, Brie shared her thoughts on art that she often sees in people’s homes.

She added: “Number two – mass-produced art.

“Is it technically art? I guess. Is it giving expensive? Absolutely not.”

Thirdly, the interior designer revealed that small rugs should be avoided if you want your space to feel luxurious.

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She continued: “Number three – a rug that's too small.

“This makes the space feel really non-cohesive and makes you feel like the space wasn't thought out.”

As well as this, Brie explained that she can’t stand matching furniture sets.

She noted: “Number four – furniture sets.

“I will not be making further comment on this.”

Finally, the interior whizz explained that having empty alcohol bottles on display is a no no if you want to avoid your home looking tacky.

She concluded: “Number five – I'm gonna be real with you, I was guilty of this when I was like 18 – empty alcohol bottles.

“I have no idea when these became decor. Let's get rid of them.” 

Brie’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 99.9k views.

It has 3,321 likes, 36 comments and 21 shares.

Many social media users agreed with Brie and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Spot on!”

Another added: “UGH the alcohol bottles in peoples rooms.” 

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A third commented: “Thank you for affirming my decision that our small apartment DID need an oversized rug.”

Whilst someone else noted: “Facebook marketplace is the way to go. I just bought a leather 1960s Drexel desk for the price of an IKEA one. Stop sleeping!”

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