I'm an interiors expert – why sugar is the trick to making your flowers last longer

ALMOST nothing is as upsetting as seeing the beautiful and lush flower bouquet slowly wither away day by day.

But, according to a professional, there are a couple of things to follow if you want to make the blossoms last longer.

The home decor expert Alina, whose hacks and tips have amassed her a notable following of over 576,000 people on Instagram, shared the tips on social media, revealing that you don't need to rely on store-bought flower food.

According to her, it is vital you first remove all the lower leaves and trim the stems at an angle – this, research shows, helps them to rehydrate more sufficiently, as most flowers are shipped dry.

To make for a more neater look, she also encouraged doing the same with the outer petals that have already withered away.


Alina also shared a trick that helps the bouquet appear more fuller – simply roll the stems gently between your palms.

The circular motion of shaking will make the petals open up more, creating a fuller blossom.

Those who buy – or are given – flowers regularly, will know that they always come with a small sachet of flower food that makes them last longer – but, turns out, there is also a simple recipe to make your own.

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The ''natural'' DIY elixir consists of one tablespoon of sugar mixed with two tablespoons of vinegar.

''Vinegar acts as an antibacterial agent while the sugar acts as additional flower food,'' Alina explained in the caption.

''Ice water also adds an extra boost to make the flowers last longer,'' she added.

The expert also demonstrated how to effectively arrange the bouquet: ''Create a tape grid to keep the flowers upright and looking fuller.

''Add your florals with the largest blooms first,'' Alina said, adding that it's vital you spray hydrangeas with water and vinegar solution.

This, according to her, is because hydrangeas absorb water from their petals.

''Try these hacks for yourself and see the difference,'' she encouraged the audience.

''I’ve never heard of this before but I will definitely give it a try because I do buy fresh florals for myself and would love for them to last longer!'' a fan appeared to have been convinced.

Someone else added: ''I’ve put a little bit of bleach (1/4 tsp) instead of vinegar to keep the water clean so I will try white vinegar.''

''Interesting you use ice. I always thought you should very warm water. Good to know,'' a third wrote.

However, there was also a critical comment, where a user shared their negative experience, commenting: ''I added sugar and vinegar to my beautiful flowers once and they died the next day.''

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